New arrival summer semester 2020

Welcome to the dormitory.

The Internet in the dormitory comes out of a box in the wall, but you can set up your own WiFi!
There is no cable coming out of the wall, this is, in doubt, the heating control!

For WiFi please read the instructions!

You can use the contact form to report errors or ask for help.
Please use the form, because we need some informations to help you.
We are only in the office on Sundays during consultation hours and there is the telephone, so please send all inquiries via this homepage!

If you live in the dormitory and are interested in networks, come by on Sunday. If you live outside Tübingen, write to us!

We are currently looking for reinforcements in the working group in Tübingen and people for e.g. Hohenheim, to be able to offer better local support.