Chausseefeld masts

The Chausseefeld and Welfenstraße are connected via radio bridges. The radio bridges have sufficient bandwidth to supply the dormitories.

The antennas of the radio bridge are attached to masts that the Studierendenwerk has had erected for this purpose. These masts are too thin, move in the wind and are therefore already defective after half a year.
The access to the research network in the Chausseefeld is therefore not given.

We as the Arbeitskreis Netzwerke are happy to invest our free time in your network. We do this on a voluntary basis, because we think it is important to have very good Internet in the dormitories, simply and unbureaucratically. We are also frustrated accordingly.
We are not allowed to do any construction work on the building and that is probably a good thing.
We are also not here to argue with the Studentenwerk on your behalf.
Therefore we can’t do anything for you until the new masts are up.
We do not know when the masts will be replaced.
If you ask, then don’t let them refer you to us.

Forget threats of rent reduction towards the Studierendenwerk. Access to the research network is declared as a voluntary service in your lease.

In our dormitories you can always get a DSL or cable network connection, for example, because the rooms are wired in a service-neutral way.
But keep in mind that the contracts have a long duration and as soon as the radio link is working again you will surely have a slower network than ours (if the mast does not wobble).
Usable internet will cost you 600€ on the free market for two years. The installation will also take some time and if now many inhabitants want DSL or something similar, the infrastructure has to be created first. The real costs are calculated like this: 600€ per time that the free market is faster than the Studentenwerk.

If you have complaints, please remember that your counterpart is also a human being and be friendly.

Try to organize yourself instead. Our dormitories in Egilolfstraße, Schwerzstraße, Fruhwirthstraße have enough bandwidth for everyone.

The Netz-AK cannot change the fact that the common rooms in Hohenheim do not have any network access activated. If you complain about this, don’t let them refer you to us.

The networks working group has assumed that the replacement of the masts would be done in less than a week. Obviously we were wrong and we are very sorry for this.
Because we assumed that the problem would be solved in a timely manner, we did not forward your complaints.

As soon as the masts are up, we will be in Hohenheim within a few hours and bring you online, but until then please do not contact us any further.

Your Netz-AK

UPDATE: 02. JULY 2020 10:20 am

positive: the new masts are standing
negative: the storm has twisted the antenna on the old mast, so the Chausseefeld is currently completely offline.
negative: in this weather it is not possible to go to the roof to solve the problem.
positive: after the rain there will be an update.

UPDATE: JULY 3, 2020 10:20 am

The antennas are aligned again and there is slow internet again.
Probably the faster connection will be established on the weekend Sunday. The network will be offline for some minutes.
We recommend everyone to read this website, because of time reasons we will not give individual answers to the topic Chausseefeld.
All those who want to write us that the internet is very important for studying, especially during the pandemic, please consider to join our working group instead of writing us this banal sentence.