Chausseefeld Feb 2021

Unfortunately, the buildings in Chausseefeld are offline right now.
The buildings in Chausseefeld are connected to Egilolfstraße via a radio bridge.
Here the connection seems to be interrupted. Could be a storm, snow, lightning or a defective cable.
We as the Netz-AK would like to help you, but we have no access to the radio bridge.
The IT of the Studierendenwerk seems to be active, but needs a janitor.
Janitors are not available until Monday…
Since we don’t know what exactly caused the outage, we as Netz-AK won’t claim you would be online if we were responsible, but on weekends we are the only ones who read your mails.
So take a book and feel free to complain everywhere from Monday on.

Your net-AK on saturday morning before 7 a.m.

P.S.: Two pictures showing that there was some internet for a short time (hope?) and the last 30 days were without outages.