Chausseefeld, Schwerzstraße 2, Fichtenweg 15


here an update on current disruptions.


The connection to Chausseefeld got worse beginning yesterday at 11 am and broke completely ca. 3 pm.

We were on site shortly after and switched to the backup line which worked until ca. 7.30 pm – until those devices also bailed out (and could not be repaired since).

At around 8.30 pm we were on site again and could reestablish the connection over the original devices at around 10.30 pm. This held until ca. 11.30 pm.

This morning ca. 7 am all parts were exchanged (excluding power and optical fiber cabling running through the house). The connection was running very performant (max. throughput) and stable (min. latency) until it broke again ca. 7 pm.

Effective today evening Chausseefeld is offline until tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow morning we will look for a competent electrician (probably) and/or fiber optic engineer (hopefully not/as well).

Schwerzstraße 2 1. OG

The connection in Hohenheim/Schwerzstraße 2 1. OG is disrupted since approximately yesterday evening.

We will be on site tomorrow morning and assume to be able to solve the problem in the short term.

Fichtenweg 15 8. OG

The connection to Tübingen/Fichtenweg 15 8. OG is disrupted since handicrafts on Monday.

We will look for what exactly was done and how it could interfere with optical fiber cabling.