26. to 27. Feb Hohenheim offline

The following maintenance windows have been announced for the connection to Hohenheim:

27.02.20 00:00 to 06:00: Civil engineering work on the route in the Möhringen area through the city of Stuttgart (S21)

Concerns all dormitories in Hohenheim.

Hohenheim Changeover January 2020

Since breakdowns have become more frequent, we are working on some adjustments today.

From today on only WiFi routers should work. Devices that are explicitly only repeaters, extenders or similar may/can no longer be operated.

A list of what works in our network I link here. If your device is not on the list, write us! We will then research what you have and add to the list.

All of you who don’t have access to the network at the moment, either don’t have a router connected or haven’t configured your router as a router.

Those who have not had a network since before today were most likely the cause of the failures and should contact us. (Don’t worry, we just want you all to have network access!)

Currently the changeover affects Im Chausseefeld and very few in Egilolfstraße.

Hohenheim: new radio bridges

This week we did build two new connections in Hohenheim.

The Chausseefeld is now connected with redundant radio bridges.  By having two radio bridges we can switch between them if there is a problem.

The new connection will be much faster and stable as soon as we finish the fine tuning.

The Welfenstrasse is connected in the same way. The connection to Welfenstrasse is much shorter and should need less fine tuning.


Albstadt Poststraße 22

On Tuesday the 15th of October, we were informed that there are problems for people getting online in the afternoon.

The reason for this is simple. More than a few people were creating their own Wi-Fi by using repeaters and access points instead of routers.

To ensure everyone to be able to access the internet we are since today disabling the ports in the rooms that are hindering others to get online.

To get the port enabled again, please contact us by our contact form.

We need to know the kind of device you connected to your wall socket. Is it on this list?

Some people moved their devices from one blocked room to the next. This rooms have been blocked today (21th of October). Every room using more than one IP will be blocked.

As soon as you contact us and promise to not connect the the misconfigured device to our network again, you`ll be unblocked. This is necessary to ensure that everyone in the house has the possibility to get online.

Today (Sunday the 27th of October) we`ll unblock all the ports and see what happens. If you experience problems, please contact us.

Router for WiFi

This is a list of “routers” people wanted to use for making there own WiFi in one of our dormitories.

Not every device thats sold as a router is a real router, some are DSL modems, others are access points.

All devices in the table marked “nein” are no real routers and don`t work in our network.

All devices in the table marked “ja” are real routers and do work in our network.

The price of the devices ranges from 11€ to 100€.

The list is now here!

Tuebingen south-east down

Hi there,

since this morning the Franzoesiche Viertel, Eugenstrasse und Hechingerstrasse are offline. The error is probably outside our network.

We are working on it.


One technician and one of us is now 6.15pm on the way to check the fibreglass cable in the FV.

8pm: online.

Welfenstrasse 80

One cable is not where it should be. We are waiting for someone to finish the job.

The NetzAK did everything possible on Saturday the 5th of October, but without this one cable…

On the 9th of October there should be two electricians to finish the job.

Since one hour you should be online.

Spread the news!

Consultation hours

Beginning with this Wintersemester we are open for you on Sunday 6 pm till 8 pm.

During this time you can also call us (phonenumber on the notice in the corridor).

Because of our voluntary service you can reach us all day over the contact form.

The first three Fridays in October 2019 we`ll be open as usual from 3 pm to 5 pm.

Moving to the dormitory in October 2019?

Welcome to the dormitory!

To get online, you have to plug a cable in the wall socket or build your own WiFi!
There is no cable coming out of the wall, the short black cables are for the heater.

If you have no router, you can buy one for under 25 €. We are not allowed to recommend one, but don`t buy a WiFi repeater or WiFi extender; you need a ROUTER!

Please inform us about network issues and contact us for help.
Use the contact form of this website, this ensures that we get all information we need. We are all volunteer students, so please don`t tell us how important you need internet; we are aware of that!
Every Friday you can reach us by phone or meet us during the consultation hour.

Hohenheim & Eugenstr. WiFi

Step by step we have to apply changes to our network.

We have more and more devices in the rooms which are connecting to the internet. But you share 255 IP-addresses with about 200 other rooms. Which means if you use more than one address there is a high chance that somebody else is not getting one. For that reason we started to limit the addresses in WHO and in the French Quarter to 1 per port. This means only the one device connectet by cable to the socket gets an IP-address from us.

This does not mean that you can not operate your own wi-fi. It only means that router which work as a network bridge do not work anymore. From now on you have to set up your routers in NAT-mode.If you have trouble doing so please visit our consultation hour on Friday between 15 and 17 o´clock or read here.