Network socket malfunction?

network socketThe ports in the rooms are rarely defective. In most cases there is a problem with your cable or computer.

If the checklist below shows that there can be a defective port we will send a technician. The technician will not look at your computer, it is therefore really important to complete the checklist. If there is a plug socket with 2 ports try both of them. In most cases it is the left one.

Checklist to diagnose your port and cable

  1. Ask a neighbor if you can test your computer at his port with his network cable. Are you online?
    • If yes there could be a problem with your network cable or port. Continue with point 2.
    • If not the problem lies most likely with your computer. Please check your network configuration.
  2. Ask a neighbor to connect his computer with your cable in your room. Does it work?
  3. Plug your neighbor’s cable into your port and connect first yours and then your neighbor’s computer to it. Does one of the computers have an internet connection?
    • If both are online your network cable seems to be defect or the wrong cable type.
      Have a look at our article about network cable.
    • If only your neighbor’s computer has an internet connection both your network cable and port are working fine. Please check your network configuration.
    • If both computers have no internet connection the port is probably defect. Please contact us.
  4. Connect your cable to your neighbor’s port and computer. Are you online?
    • If yes the port in your room is probably defective. Please contact us.
    • If not your network cable is defective or the wrong cable type. Please read our article about network cable.

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