Speed test

We have set up an internal test for you some time ago. At netz-ak.de/speedtest, you can see how much your connection in your dorm room can handle.
We hope that all devices connected to our network via cable have a ping of less than 5 and an insignificant jitter.

A high jitter of over 5 indicates that the device from which you are measuring is connected via Wi-Fi and may be affected by what we call the 2.4 GHz problem.

Both download and upload should be just below the respective maximum of your building, i.e. 100 MBit/s or 1 GBit/s (1000 MBit/s). You can find out how fast the connections in your dormitory are under the expandable map on the  facts and figures page.

Currently, none of the dormitories are reaching the limit of their connection.