Geislingen better Hardware June 2021

We will arrive at 4pm and start installing the hardware.

Today is the only possible day to do this kind of work, if it is inconvenient, sorry.

The dorms in the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Strasse will be offline twice for a maximum of 10 minutes each.

If just your room stays offline after that, contact us immediately over the contact form. We`ll stay in Geislingen for a while for cases like that.
(Give us a phone number and answer the call from the blocked number, that’s us!)

Tue City April 2021

Tuesday after Easter we will replace a switch.

At about 6 pm the internet will be down for a few minutes.

Restart your routers, if that’s not working, you could be effected by this changes.

WiFi died March 2021?

Some of you did build their own WiFi in a way that blocked the internet access of others in our house. Using access points or repeaters to create a WiFi is not allowed in our network, because it keeps others from getting online.

Only routers are allowed to build your own WiFi, as we stated in our manual. We stared enforcing this rule in all our dormitories because it`s necessary.

To get you back online as quick as possible, please look up your device in our manual. Is it marked “ja”, you can just configure it in router mode and you are online again. If you are not successful, you can contact us using the contact form and the subject “Creating a WiFi”.

If your WiFi device is marked “nein” and you contact us, we will try to find a solution for the time you need to replace the device.

Contact and announcements

NetzAK_Aushang_Stand_WS2020 should be displayed in the entrance of your house.

The Netz-AK is announcing all its changes to the dormitory network on its website.

For us it`s important to have latest version of the notice in our dormitory, so you can reach us directly with no delay.

If the notice is missing, you could just print it yourself and pin it in the entrance to you house or you contact your dormitory administrator and ask them to do it.

We are aware of the problem that some old versions of our notice are not getting replaced. You must report the problem to your administrator at the Studierendenwerk to hopefully improve the situation.

If you contact us using the contact form, most problems can be fixed in a few hours as long as you are in the dormitory and respond to our emails.

Because we are volunteers, we are never off duty and we respond quickly.

As volunteers we are using our private phones, that`s why we call from blocked/ private/ anonymous numbers, so please just answer these calls after reporting an issue.

Chausseefeld Feb 2021

Unfortunately, the buildings in Chausseefeld are offline right now.
The buildings in Chausseefeld are connected to Egilolfstraße via a radio bridge.
Here the connection seems to be interrupted. Could be a storm, snow, lightning or a defective cable.
We as the Netz-AK would like to help you, but we have no access to the radio bridge.
The IT of the Studierendenwerk seems to be active, but needs a janitor.
Janitors are not available until Monday…
Since we don’t know what exactly caused the outage, we as Netz-AK won’t claim you would be online if we were responsible, but on weekends we are the only ones who read your mails.
So take a book and feel free to complain everywhere from Monday on.

Your net-AK on saturday morning before 7 a.m.

P.S.: Two pictures showing that there was some internet for a short time (hope?) and the last 30 days were without outages.