Failure 21 Oct 2021

140 optical fibers have been separated during a bridge demolition, as a result the Französische Viertel is offline and all the dormitories that are connected over it, i.e. Eugenstraße and Hechingerstraße.

The repair starts at 0:00 am and is scheduled until 5:00 am.

If you are not back online in the morning restart your router.

We have nothing to do with the demolition of the bridge, nor with the repair of the fiber optics. Let’s hope the guys and gals who are fixing it tonight do their job well!

One night without internet is not nice, but …

Update 8:56 pm: Since half an hour the Französische Viertel is back online. Eugenstraße followed, we are waiting for the Hechingerstraße.

Update 8:29 am: Between 8 and 10 pm all dorms went online again. Thanks to our local fiber optics company TüNet!
In case you missed stuff at university and need to proof that it was not your fault, contact us.

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