Why I wouldn’t buy a FritzBox for my dorm room

A FritzBox has a bundle of functions that are helpful for a family home or an office.

You don’t need the following functions:

  • VDSL modem
  • landline telephones, faxes, fancy door bells
  • mesh, repeater and power line functions

For all of that you are paying when you are buying a FritzBox.
That’s why they are more expensive that simple Wi-Fi router and do not improve your internet speed.

A simple router with 5 GHz Wifi costs about 35€, which is half the price of a used FritzBox 4040.

Setting up a simple Wi-Fi router is easier than setting up a FritzBox with all the functions you can and will not use in our dorm.

Egilolfstraße 45 Sept 2022

Since 22.09.2022 the following rooms are offline.

Room: 201, 202, 203, 204, 215, 216, 217, 218, 219, 220, 221, 222, 223, 224, 225, 226, 227, 228, 229

The Netz-AK has no keys to the building and can not help you.

We did inform the Studierendenwerk.


Update 29.09.2022:
Together with the Hohenheim IT we could fix the problem, but the hardware has to be replaced soon.
We have access to the buildings again.

Update 05.10.2022:
There was a power out this night and some more ports were damaged. The hardware will be replaced soon.

Hohenheim 2022 Jun 14

There is an error in Hohehnheim.

Egilolfstr 49-51 is down, therefore the other two buildings Welfenstraße and Chausseefeld are offline, too.

The Netz-AK has no keys to the building and can not help you.

We did inform the Studierendenwerk.


Fichtenweg 29 2022/05/30

In Fichtenweg 29 a switch overheated at 4:30 am.

After being called on our private number at 9:30 we were able to fix the problem at 10:05am.

Please use the contact form, that’s much faster and less work for us.

Schwerzstraße 1 offline since 2022/05/27

The dorm went offline Friday morning ~10 am.

The reason is probably overheating.

The StuWe-IT decided to solve the problem themself and will solve the problem on Monday or Tuesday.

Update 30.05.2022 13:13

die Störung wurde vorübergehend beseitigt und Bewohner die sich per Mail gemeldet haben entsprechend informiert.
Zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt werden zur dauerhaften Lösung vor Ort Verkabelung und Stromanschlüsse geregelt angefasst, sowie andere Geräte verbaut werden.

Update 22.09.2022 8:55

Big parts of the buildings are offline.

The case is still in the hands of the StuWe-IT, the Netz-AK has no access to the devices and can not help you.

We did inform the StuWe and wish you luck.

Dropouts in 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi

The reason why we do not recommend routers that do not create a 5 GHz Wi-Fi is very simple.
There are twelve channels in the 2.4 GHz frequency range, which means that theoretically a maximum of twelve such Wi-Fis can co-exist. In practice, a maximum of four 2.4 GHz Wi-Fis will work side by side without interfering with each other excessively.
2.4 GHz penetrates walls very well, but can transfer data less fast.
For dorm rooms a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi is therefore very likely to suffer from interference and dropouts if you have more than four neighbors within a distance of 30 meters around you (even above and below you!).
A bad Wi-Fi okay for WhatsApp and surfing, but not for videoconferences.

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Eugenstrasse new hardware 2021

We will replace some hardware today.

We will wait till 1:30 pm to interfere as little as possible with your courses.

The new hardware will not allow the usage of access points and repeaters any more, but we can offer you a workaround till end of semester.
Just contact us, after consulting the tutorial for Wi-Fi.

Failure 21 Oct 2021

140 optical fibers have been separated during a bridge demolition, as a result the Französische Viertel is offline and all the dormitories that are connected over it, i.e. Eugenstraße and Hechingerstraße.

The repair starts at 0:00 am and is scheduled until 5:00 am.

If you are not back online in the morning restart your router.

We have nothing to do with the demolition of the bridge, nor with the repair of the fiber optics. Let’s hope the guys and gals who are fixing it tonight do their job well!

One night without internet is not nice, but …

Update 8:56 pm: Since half an hour the Französische Viertel is back online. Eugenstraße followed, we are waiting for the Hechingerstraße.

Update 8:29 am: Between 8 and 10 pm all dorms went online again. Thanks to our local fiber optics company TüNet!
In case you missed stuff at university and need to proof that it was not your fault, contact us.

Geislingen better Hardware June 2021

We will arrive at 4pm and start installing the hardware.

Today is the only possible day to do this kind of work, if it is inconvenient, sorry.

The dorms in the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Strasse will be offline twice for a maximum of 10 minutes each.

If just your room stays offline after that, contact us immediately over the contact form. We`ll stay in Geislingen for a while for cases like that.
(Give us a phone number and answer the call from the blocked number, that’s us!)