Chausseefeld Feb 2021

Unfortunately, the buildings in Chausseefeld are offline right now.
The buildings in Chausseefeld are connected to Egilolfstraße via a radio bridge.
Here the connection seems to be interrupted. Could be a storm, snow, lightning or a defective cable.
We as the Netz-AK would like to help you, but we have no access to the radio bridge.
The IT of the Studierendenwerk seems to be active, but needs a janitor.
Janitors are not available until Monday…
Since we don’t know what exactly caused the outage, we as Netz-AK won’t claim you would be online if we were responsible, but on weekends we are the only ones who read your mails.
So take a book and feel free to complain everywhere from Monday on.

Your net-AK on saturday morning before 7 a.m.

P.S.: Two pictures showing that there was some internet for a short time (hope?) and the last 30 days were without outages.

Albstadt Poststraße 22

On Tuesday the 15th of October [2019], we were informed that there are problems for people getting online in the afternoon.

The reason for this is simple. More than a few people were creating their own Wi-Fi by using repeaters and access points instead of routers.

To ensure everyone to be able to access the internet we are since today disabling the ports in the rooms that are hindering others to get online.

To get the port enabled again, please contact us by our contact form.

We need to know the kind of device you connected to your wall socket. Is it on this list?

Some people moved their devices from one blocked room to the next. This rooms have been blocked today (21th of October [2019]). Every room using more than one IP will be blocked.

As soon as you contact us and promise to not connect the the misconfigured device to our network again, you`ll be unblocked. This is necessary to ensure that everyone in the house has the possibility to get online.

Today (Sunday the 27th of October [2019]) we`ll unblock all the ports and see what happens. If you experience problems, please contact us.

Update: 26. October 2021 we had to deactivate rooms again.
We will replace our hardware soon. After that only routers will work and further problems will be prevented.
Update 27. October 7:45 am: We will replace our hardware this evening. All rooms will be activated again, but will not be online with their current setup.
Update 27. October 10:00 am: So far no one has contacted us!
Update 27 October 1:10 pm: Still no feedback, but since enough bad devices were removed from the wall socket, all rooms could be reactivated without currently endangering the network for the others.
Update 2:10 pm: Reactivating the rooms probably kicked the main network connection at 1:40 pm. If we don`t find a Hausmeister to restart the switch manually, the houses will be offline till we replace the hardware in the evening.
Update 5:50 pm: Leaving Tübingen.
Update 10:00 pm: Back in Tübingen, next try tomorrow.
Update 28th 10:20 pm: since 4:30 pm new hardware up and running