Pestalozzistraße 67 – Netz-AK

Good morning!

Yesterday, 07. of March 2023, we were able to complete the wiring at about 20 o’clock.

We had started around 18:30. So if during that time “the internet was gone”, it was because there was no cable connected at our end.

Starting from the upper floors, you should have come back online when plugged in. We finished at 8pm.

In your rooms the left, oddly labelled network socket should work now.

Until yesterday, some rooms were unsystematically missing its wiring and we didn’t know which room was connected where.

Normally we announce maintenance work longer in advance, but this time it was urgent.

Please contact us if you have any problems!

Your volunteers of the Netz-AK (short for Netzwerk Arbeitskreis = Network Work-group)

Pestalozzistraße 67

Since this morning we know which rooms is behind which cable.

Not every room has internet yet.

Will recable the house in the next two hours.

Sorry, it has to be done.

A warm welcome to the Pestalozzistraße 67!

The dormitory will be opened today and as far as we know it will go online over our network.

Unfortunately this morning we still don’t know when that will be and are waiting for the go of the StuWe technicians.

However, you are right next to the university with plenty of internet and the other dorms are all online, too.

Get to know your new neighbours, the internet will reach you soon.

As soon as the network is at your house, it works like everywhere else: You plug in your own router and create your own little network with WiFi.

Please use our tutorials and don’t buy too expensive devices (never over 40€!), but also nothing outdated to save 5 €.

Just read the tutorials!  😉

See you around
your volunteers of the Netz-AK (short for Netzwerk Arbeitskreis = Network Work-group)

Partial outage Egilolfstraße 49 & 51 2022-12-28

Today we exchanged a damaged network switch in Hohenheim. The outage affected around 24 connections. During replacement, the connected houses in Chausseefeld and Welfenstraße were also briefly offline.

Unfortunately another device failed during restart. We can only exchange this device tomorrow on December 29th, 2022. Until then around 24 connections will be offline in Egilolfstraße.

Hohenheim 2022-12-11

On Sunday we will be doing some work in Hohenheim.

You could be offline for at max 30/45 minutes at a time, but no longer.

Please contact us, if you have problems, we’ll wait “only” one hour in Hohenheim after we finished working.

Work will be between 11am and 5 pm on Sunday 11th of December.

Update Sunday 3 pm: Egilofstrasse shoud be up and running now. If you are still offline, reboot router and if that does not help, contact us!

Why I wouldn’t buy a FritzBox for my dorm room

A FritzBox has a bundle of functions that are helpful for a family home or an office.

You don’t need the following functions:

  • VDSL modem
  • landline telephones, faxes, fancy door bells
  • mesh, repeater and power line functions

For all of that you are paying when you are buying a FritzBox.
That’s why they are more expensive that simple Wi-Fi router and do not improve your internet speed.

A simple router with 5 GHz Wifi costs about 35€, which is half the price of a used FritzBox 4040.

Setting up a simple Wi-Fi router is easier than setting up a FritzBox with all the functions you can and will not use in our dorm.

Egilolfstraße 45 Sept 2022

Since 22.09.2022 the following rooms are offline.

Room: 201, 202, 203, 204, 215, 216, 217, 218, 219, 220, 221, 222, 223, 224, 225, 226, 227, 228, 229

The Netz-AK has no keys to the building and can not help you.

We did inform the Studierendenwerk.

Update 29.09.2022:
Together with the Hohenheim IT we could fix the problem, but the hardware has to be replaced soon.
We have access to the buildings again.

Update 05.10.2022:
There was a power out this night and some more ports were damaged. The hardware will be replaced soon.

Hohenheim 2022 Jun 14

There is an error in Hohehnheim.

Egilolfstr 49-51 is down, therefore the other two buildings Welfenstraße and Chausseefeld are offline, too.

The Netz-AK has no keys to the building and can not help you.

We did inform the Studierendenwerk.

Fichtenweg 29 2022/05/30

In Fichtenweg 29 a switch overheated at 4:30 am.

After being called on our private number at 9:30 we were able to fix the problem at 10:05am.

Please use the contact form, that’s much faster and less work for us.

Schwerzstraße 1 offline since 2022/05/27

The dorm went offline Friday morning ~10 am.

The reason is probably overheating.

The StuWe-IT decided to solve the problem themself and will solve the problem on Monday or Tuesday.

Update 30.05.2022 13:13

die Störung wurde vorübergehend beseitigt und Bewohner die sich per Mail gemeldet haben entsprechend informiert.
Zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt werden zur dauerhaften Lösung vor Ort Verkabelung und Stromanschlüsse geregelt angefasst, sowie andere Geräte verbaut werden.

Update 22.09.2022 8:55

Big parts of the buildings are offline.

The case is still in the hands of the StuWe-IT, the Netz-AK has no access to the devices and can not help you.

We did inform the StuWe and wish you luck.